Other Ways to Say 'act' (Synonyms): Commonly Used Vocabulary

Other Ways to Say 'act' (Synonyms): Commonly Used Vocabulary


Act (v) means 'do something'


  • Act now.
  • Act quickly.
  • Don't act like you don't what is going on.

Other ways to say 'act':

  • accomplish
  • carry on
  • carry out
  • create
  • develop
  • do
  • enforce
  • execute
  • get in there
  • go for it
  • knock off
  • make progress
  • maneuver
  • move
  • officiate
  • operate
  • practice
  • pursue
  • respond
  • serve
  • take part
  • take steps
  • take up
  • undertake
  • work out


  • Please respond right now.
  • She's practicing speaking English every day.
  • We have to execute this plan quickly.
  • I will accomplish that soon.
  • You should carry on with your business.

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