Opposite words of 'act' (Antonyms): Commonly Used Vocabulary

Opposite words of 'act' (Antonyms): Commonly Used Vocabulary


'Don't act' means don't something, don't do anything.

Other ways to say 'don't act':

  • abandon
  • abstain
  • cease
  • destroy
  • discontinue
  • disregard
  • end
  • fail
  • forget
  • give up
  • halt
  • hesitate
  • ignore
  • leave
  • leave alone
  • miss
  • neglect
  • quit
  • refrain
  • stop


  1. One day I will quit this job.
  2. Forget about it.
  3. Don't ignore this. It's real.
  4. Stop doing what you are doing right now.
  5. The program has been discontinued.
  6. Don't give up easily like that!

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