Form I & II English Summary Revision Questions – Part 1

Form I & II English Summary Revision Questions – Part 1

01. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Animals are not all the same. Some are big and some are small. Some of them live on land and some of them live in water. The largest animal in the world is the blue whale. It lives in the oceans. It can grow up to 150 tones in weight and it can measure 100 feet in length.

The biggest animal on land is the African elephant. It is also the strongest. The tallest animal in the world is the giraffe. It has got long legs and a very long neck. The most colourful feathers. Some animals are very ugly. The hippopotamus is possibly the ugliest. The cheetah is certainly the fastest and the snail is perhaps the slowest animal in the world.


Summarize the above passage in not less than five sentences.


02. Write a summary of the passage below in five sentences (FTNA KATAVI REGIONAL MOCK, 2018)

Mobile phones have the advantage that one can take the call almost anywhere instead of waiting at home for a phone call. However, they may have several advantages. Secret information may be accessed by intended people through mobile phones and this may lead to breaking up social relations and leakage of restricted information such as examinations. Youths may waste a lot of their productive time chatting with friends or playing games. Sometimes they access information that will end up destroying them morally. Worse still, the electromagnetic waves given to us by phones can damage the brain.


03. Read the following passage then summarise it into five (5) direction sentences used in the passage: (FTNA TANGANYIKA DC MOCK, 2020)

Iddi and Pili were staying with their aunt who lives just outside Jinja. One day she asked the children to go shopping for her. “It is easy to find the way to shops,” she said. “Just go straight along this road and turn left at the Post Office. Go straight over the crossroads. Then go straight on till you come to a fork. Take the right fork. Then take the second turning on the right, the first on the left and then the third on the right. You will see the shops on your left.”

(i)                ______________________

(ii)             ______________________

(iii)           ______________________

(iv)           ______________________

(v)             ______________________

Happy revision!


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