Form I & II English Patterns & Vocabulary Revision Questions – Part 1

Form I & II English Patterns & Vocabulary Revision Questions – Part 1

In English Grammar, questions on patterns deal with the act of combining words, phrases, clauses, sentences and paragraphs into grammatically correct structures, collocations or patterns:

Language Use questions deal with the way language is applied grammatically, logically and meaningfully.

Vocabulary questions deal with the wide range of English Language Vocabulary items from the names of things, people, synonyms, antonyms, idioms, etc.

01. Use words in the box below to fill in the blank spaces in the following sentences

Who, that, whose, how, what, where, when

(i)                The boy……………….. was there is my uncle

(ii)             The lady …………………her mother was sick is my friend

(iii)           Don’t pay attention to ………………… he says

(iv)           He told me ………………….. he was sick

(v)             We don’t know………………. Jesus will be back

02. Re­write the following sentences according to the instruction given

(a)  My father is a doctor and a teacher (Use Not only…………. But also)

(b) Juma can go to school by bus or on foot (Use Either …….. or)

(c)  Aisha is tall like Amina (Use as…………

(d) My uncle and my aunt lives at Sibwesa (Use both……….. and)

(e)  If you study hard you will pass exams (Use Unless)

03. Fill in the blanks the activities (occupation) done by the following people

(i)                A person who takes cares the sick people……………………………………..

(ii)             A person who repair shoes……………………………………….

(iii)           A person who travels on foot……………………………………..

(iv)           A person who guides the tourists………………………………..

(v)             A person who keep animals…………………………………………

04. Fill in the blanks by using the words in the box:

Father, nephew, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle.


(i)                The son of your brother/sister is called ______________

(ii)             The brother of your father is called _________________

(iii)           Your male parent is called ________________________

(iv)           The wife of your brother is called ___________________

(v)             The sister of your father is called ___________________

05. Construct five (05) sentences from the following table below:











Eating Ugali.

Riding a bicycle.

Speaking English.

Drawing a picture.

Teaching English.


(i)                ________________________________________________________

(ii)             ________________________________________________________

(iii)           ________________________________________________________

(iv)           ________________________________________________________

(v)             _____________________________________________________


06. Fill in the blanks with the correct word from the bracket:

(i)                I am ______________ a good story (reading, read)

(ii)             You ______________ football nicely (plays, play)

(iii)           He was born _________ 1980 (on, in, at)

(iv)           They __________ reading than sleeping (prefers, prefer)

(v)             Beatus was __________ a nice song (sung, singing, sing)

07. Complete the following words in this table below:

























08. Read the following text and fill in the gaps by using the verbs in the box below. You may use some words more than once.

did                 had                 liked              was              made              started                        took

My old school (i) _______ smaller than this school. It (ii) ________ six classrooms and three hundred children. Our teachers (iii) _______ us very much. Sometimes we (iv) ________ noises! I (v) _________ school when I (vi) _________ six years old. My mother (vii) _________ me to the bus stop and I (viii) ________ very nervous! But soon I (ix) ________ lots of new friends.

In my old school we (x) ______ a lot of interesting things. We learned science and reading, of course, but we also played in the classroom and in the schoolyard.

09. Change the verbs in the blackest into their appropriate forms:

(i)                            John is ……………..notes (Write)

(ii)                         Salma had …………….rice (Eat)

(iii)                       Kephas ………………… school every week (go)


10. Re-write the following sentences according to the instructions given after each;

(i)                            Asha is short. She cannot touch the roof( re-write using: too……to)

(ii)                         Razalo played well the football. He was given the gift ( use: such……..that)

(iii)                       It was raining. She came to school (use: Although)

(iv)                       I come to school in order to study (use: Because)

(v)                         Sultan can write well. Godbless can write well too (use: Both……..and)

11. Rearrange the following sentences in a logical order to make a meaningful paragraph. Use the box below.

(i)    Because of the fear Bakari was trembling and sweating even before the debate session started.

(ii) Today in the morning there was a debate between form two and form three students

(iii)                       The debate started as soon as the chairperson and his cabinet came in

(iv)                       This is because it was his first time to take part in that activity.

(v) Bakari a form two student was among the participants in the debate.












12. Supply a suitable relative pronoun provided in the brackets below for the following sentences.

(Who, whose, what, whom, which, that)

(i)    This is the book ___________ I bought yesterday

(ii) That one is the mother ___________ son who was beaten by the thieves.

(iii)                       This is the girl ___________ was sick

(iv)                       Take this one here and not ___________ one over there.

(v) I have forgotten ___________ I borrowed from Juma.


13. Fill in the blanks with the following place names and sounds made by animals from the brackets below.

(Audience, hisses, dormitory, assembly, cows, mows, cocks, house, room, aviary, infirmary, hives, church)

(i)    The place, where a congregation gather together, is called ______

(ii) The place students sleep in a school is called ______

(iii)                    Normally we sing the national them in school to a place called ______

(iv)                    A hen cocks while a snake ______

(v) Cat spurries while a cow ______


14. Choose the correct words from the bracket to complete the following sentences.

(i)    We will have holidays ______ (for/after) two weeks

(ii) I have been here ____ (for/since) 1st January.

(iii)                    I will see you ___ (until/during) holidays.

(iv)                    You will wait ___ (for/until) I arrive

(v) ____ (with/in) summer animals move randomly.


15. Re-arrange the following sentences into logical sequence to make a meaningful paragraph:

A.   The baby who was crying was my young brother.

B.   His name was called Usinitelekeze.

C.   As I was watching the television, I suddenly heard a cry of a baby.

D.   I was in the sitting room watching television.

E.    Usinitelekeze was crying because he was left alone in the bedroom.












Happy revision!


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