Form I & II English Patterns & Vocabulary Revision Questions – Part 2

Form I & II English Patterns & Vocabulary Revision Questions – Part 2

16. Match the expressions in Column A with their meanings in Column B below the corresponding expression number in Column A in the table provided.



(i)                Lose consciousness

(ii)             A box in which a dead body is preserved.

(iii)           Examination done on a dead body.

(iv)           Building where the dead body is kept.

(v)             People who attend a funeral.

A.   Mortuary

B.   Pass out

C.   Coffin 

D.   Wreaths

E.    Mourners

F.    Doctor

G.   Post Mortem


17. Change the following sentences into plural forms.

(i)    Is he my brother? ______________________________________

(ii) This was an innocent boy ________________________________

(iii)                    A baby cries whenever I leave it alone ________________________

(iv)                    His car was stolen by a big thief in the town __________________________________

(v) A boy’s pen is black _____________________________________________________

18. Re-write the following sentences with their correct question tag.

(i)    Mwajuma likes eating mangoes                ________________________________________

(ii) He is fond to swimming                            ________________________________________

(iii)                    We went to the market yesterday         ________________________________________

(iv)                    My brother watches television every evening _________________________________

(v) Reading will not make me tired of it         ________________________________________


19. Change the following sentences according to the instruction given.

(i)    Anna is writing English language notes (write it in negation form)

(ii) They are playing netball with the staff members (Write it in interrogative form)

(iii)                    Form two students are doing an examination (Change it in past perfect tense)

(iv)                    They are not ready to fail in their exams (Change the sentence in affirmative form).

(v) Juma was writing English language notes when Asha and Ally arrived with a modern car (punctuate the sentence).


20. Read the following passage then complete the form that comes after, by using capital letters.

My name is Juma Bhasugwoya Bhihamaso. I was born in 1975 in Kigoma District. Both my parents are Tanzanian and so I am. I started school at Parande Primary School in 1982.

At school, I liked playing football very much. Since I was tall (5 feet, 8 inches), I used to play as a goalkeeper because of my height. I joined the Police Force after completing class seven. I like my job very much.

Part (x) has been done as an example.
























21. Use the words in the box below to fill in the blanks in the sentences below.

(Cousin, nephew, niece, brother-in-law, grandmother, sister-in-law, uncle, grandfather, aunt, brother)

(i)    You father’s father is your __________________

(ii) Your sister’s daughter is your __________________

(iii)      Your sister’s husband is your __________________

(iv)      Your sister’s son is your __________________

(v) Your mother’s brother is your __________________


22.        Fill in the blanks with the appropriate articles from the box below.

(i)    ___ earth rotates on its axis

(ii) Yesterday I saw _________ European person in a café.

(iii)                    We were given __________ hour to write an English examination

(iv)                    They received _______ guest of honour on behalf of form four

(v) Pemba is _____ Island.


23. Fill in the blanks for the following sentences.

(i)                Your mother’s brother is your _______________

(ii)             Your mother’s sister is your ___________

(iii)           Your sister’s husband is your ____________

(iv)           Your sister’s daughter is your ____________

(v)             Your sister’s son is your _______________


24. Choose the correct preposition and fill it in the spaces provided.

with, on, over, of, into, about, for, to, by, in


(i)                Joyce is married ________ John.

(ii)             I can’t cope _______ the work now.

(iii)           The plane flew _______ our house.

(iv)           The diver jumped ______ the river to save the drowning child.

(v)             She is very kind ______ the people.


25. Rewrite the following sentences by changing the verbs in the brackets into their correct forms.

(i)                He ________ (ride) a bicycle now.

(ii)             She has already _____ (do) the exercise.

(iii)           Jane will be (visit) _______ you.

(iv)           The patient (die) _______ when the doctor arrived.

(v)             How long has he (learn) ________ English?


26. Fill in the blanks with the correct word given in the brackets.

(a)  They are expecting to ___________ at 9:00 am. (leave/live)

(b) A teacher told us to ____________ down. (sit/seat)

(c)  Let’s go to __________ in my bedroom. (slip/sleep)

(d) I ________ tired. (fill/feel)

(e)  I was told to state Archimedes _________. (principle/principal)


27. Join the following sentences according to the instructions given.

(a)  The girl is black as charcoal. (Rewrite using: as…

(b) Amina can sing and jump. (Rewrite using: Both …... and)

(c)  I can swim or dance. (Rewrite using: Either...…. or)

(d) My father is not a teacher. He is not a carpenter too. (Join the two sentences using: Neither …… nor

(e)  The book has difficult vocabulary. It is difficult to read. (Join the two sentences using: Too….to)



Happy revision!


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