Interjection Questions 1 - 50

Interjection Questions 1 - 50

Choose the correct answer:

[1] ______ What are you doing there?

A. Hello

B. Hello!

C. Halla!

[2] ______ He is dead.

A. Ales!

B. Alas!

C. Alas

[3] ______ We have won the game.

A. Hurry!

B. Hurrah!

C. Hur!

[4] _____ Have they gone?

A. Ah!

B. Hh!

C. Akh

[5] _____ I got such a fright.

A. Eh!

B. Oh!

C. He!

[6] ______ Don't make a noise.

A. Hash

B. Hush

C. Husp

[7] ________________ are called Interjections.

A. Hello! Alas! Ah! Hurrah!

B. Hello! Hesh! Hao! Oh!

C. wow! Woa! Hello! Hey!

[8] ___________ are used to express some sudden feeling or emotion.

A. Emotive words

B. Interjections

C. Exclamations

[9] Interjections are ___________ related to the other words in a sentence.

A. not grammatical

B. not grammatically

C. grammatical not

[10] An Interjection is a word which expresses some _______ feeling or emotion.

A. prolonged

B. suddenly

C. sudden

[11] Hurrah! and Huzzah! express the feeling of _______.

A. grief

B. joy

C. joyous

[12] Alas! expresses ________.

A. joy

B. uneasiness

C. grief

[13] Ha! and What! express _________.

A. surprise

B. expectation

C. anger

[16] Bravo! expresses _________.

A. uncertainty

B. approval

C. disillusionment

[17] '______' can express pain, surprise, pity, complaint, dislike, and joy.

A. Ah me!

B. Ah me

C. Me ah!

[18] The meaning of 'Ah' can change depending on the manner of __________ .

A. utterance

B. speaking

C. education

[19] Good gracious!" is used to express _________.

A. tragedy, news and disappointments

B. surprise, relief and dismay

C. surprise, sadness and condolences

[20] Sometimes, Interjections are signaled by _____________.

A. a question mark

B. an exclamation mark

C. exclusive mark

[21] An interjection functions independently _____ within the sentence.

A. independently

B. dependently

C. intermediary

[22] Interjections are also known as ___________.

A. exclamations

B. interjection marks

C. interjection marks

[23] Interjections express _____________.

A. strong emotives

B. strong motives

C. strong emotions

[24] An interjection can also be signaled by a __________.

A. semi-colon

B. comma

C. question mark

[25] ___________, that dog is huge!

A. Bravo

B. Wow

C. Oh

[26] ___________! We get to go to the beach!

A. Well

B. Hooray

C. Oh

[27] ___________, can you hear me?

A. Wow

B. Hey

C. Bravo

[28] ___________, I hope they can come.

A. Uh-oh

B. Oh

C. Gosh

[29] ______, that feels wonderful.

A. A

B. Ahh

C. Aa

[30] ______ I'm lost in the wilderness.

A. Ales!

B. Alais!

C. Alas!

[31] ______ That was a total waste of time.

A. Nah!

B. Bah!

C. Beh!

[32] Interjections ________ alone.

A. can stand

B. cannot stand

C. can be

[33] Interjections can be placed ___________ a sentence.

A. after

B. before or after

C. before

[34] Many interjections are followed _____ an exclamation point.

A. by

B. with

C. for

[35] ______, I've forgotten my keys!

A. Ups

B. Ops

C. Oops

[36] _____, it's very hot here!

A. Phew

B. Phow

C. Pheh

[37] ______! You have to stop there!

A. Whoo

B. Whoa!

C. Whu

[38] _________ We couldn't do it better without you.

A. Bless you!

B. Blessed you!

C. Blessings!

[39] Thank you for your time. _______!

A. Cheers

B. Cherry

C. Cheerio

[40] ________ You finally got your master's degree.

A. Congrats!

B. Congrat!

C. Congrate!

[41] _________ Why are you wearing sunglasses in the dark?

A. Good grace!

B. Good grief!

C. Good grip!

[42] So, it's raining again, ____?

A. huh

B. Hah

C. heh

[43] My ____! I can't believe it’s getting dark!

A. gash

B. gosh

C. gush

[44] Oops! I almost spilled milk.

A. Oops

B. Ops

C. Ooops

[45] ____! This smell is disgusting!

A. Hoorey

B. Ugh

C. Wow

[46] ______! The bridge is falling!

A. Goodness

B. Bravo

C. Hurray

[47] ______, I can't believe that it is raining again!

A. Oh not

B. Oh what

C. Oh no

[48] ___, what a nice dress!

A. Ouch

B. Oh

C. Oho

[49] _____! I finally fixed it.

A. Phuew

B. Phey

C. Phew

[50] _____, this is a wonderful gift!"

A. Gosh

B. Wow

C. Eh



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