Verb Questions 1 – 50

Verb Questions 1 – 50

Choose the correct answer:

[1] The board has ____ his excuse.
A. accepted
B. excepted

C. exempted
[2] The disease has ______ his body and mind.
A. effected
B. affected

C. efficiently
[3] I have to ___ you that you have to come early to work.
A. remind
B. remember

C. remembrance
[4] 'To possess' means to ______. 
A. lose
B. have
C. dispossess 
[5] She wants to ______ her home by painting and carpeting.
A. to beautify
B. to beauty
[6] The opposite of 'penalize' is ______. 
A. remove 
B. admire
C. reward
[7] She ______ her right hand and asked the question.
A. rose
B. raised
C. rised
[8] The opposite of 'vary' is ______. 
A. keep the same
B. value 
C. change
[9] The book that is ______ on that table is mine.
A. lying
B. leying
C. laying
[10] The opposite of 'maintain' is ______. 
A. stop
B. ignore 
C. believe
[11] After working hard, he ____ his yearly income.
A. rised
B. raised
C. rose
[12] 'To exhaust' means _________. 
A. do 
B. leave 
C. use up
[13] Lake Victoria ______ to the north of Tanzania.
A. lies
B. lay
C. lays
[14] A 'procedure' means ________. 
A. process 
B. method
C. example 
[15] If you are tired, you should _____ down and take a rest.
A. lay
B. lie
C. lei
[16] 'Assume' means _________. 
A. collect
B. attempt 
C. suppose
[17] She ____ the comb on the dressing table a few minutes ago.
A. laid
B. lay
C. lied
[18] The opposite of 'protest' is _______. 
A. broadcast
B. approve of
C. prospect 
[19] The baby is ______ on the grass in the garden.
A. laying
B. lying
C. leying
[20] The opposite of 'originate' is ______. 
A. end
B. mitigate 
C. begin
[21] Hens ___ eggs.
A. lie
B. lay
C. ley
[22] 'Hesitate' means ______. 
A. satiate 
B. wonder
C. delay
[23] I have _____ the table for lunch a few minutes ago.
A. sat
B. set
C. setted
[24] 'Deprive of' means _______. 
A. disapprove of 
B. disapprove of
C. take away from
[25] He ____ on a chair because he was very tired.
A. set
B. sat
C. sit
[26] 'Transform' means ______. 
A. transfer 
B build
C. change
[27] Hot air _____.
A. rises
B. raises
C. risens
[28] 'Counsel' means ______. 
A. decide 
B. give advice to
C. attract
[29] He might not have _______ very well.
A. feeling
B. feel
C. felt
[30] 'Interpret' means _______. 
A. intercept
B. explain
C. enter
[31] I shouldn't have _____ so much. Now I feel sick.
A. ate
B. eaten
C. eat
[32] 'Detect' means ______. 
A. discover
B. detest 
C. make
[33] John is not in a good mood today. He might not ______ feeling very well.
A. have been
B. been
C. have
[34] 'Pursue' means ______. 
A. run from 
B. follow
C. create
[35] The heavy rained had destroyed the roads. You should have ________.
A. been warned
B. be warned
C. be warning
[36] The opposite of 'complicate' is _______. 
A. make simple
B. destroy
C. leave
[37] If you had asked me, I would _______ you.
A. has helped
B. have helped
C. have helping
[38] 'Accompany' means _______. 
A. invite 
B. avoid
C. go with
[39] You ______ to have been here earlier for the meeting.
A. might
B. ought
C. could
[40] The opposite of 'establish' means _______. 
A. examine 
B. finish notice
C. destroy
[41] Asha's laptop was not working properly. She asked me to help. She couldn't _______ it alone.
A. done
B. did
C. have done
[42] 'Propose' means _______. 
A. suggest
B. aim for
C. ignore
[43] Deborah is outside. She must have ________ for you.
A. be waiting
B. been waited
B. been waiting
[44] 'Exaggerate' means _______. 
A. leave
B. exacerbate
C. overstate
[45] She's in the house. She may ________ television.
A. be watched
B. be watching
C. is watched
[46] 'Aggravate' means ______. 
A. win 
B. worsen
C. expect
[47] You've failed the exam. It ______ changed now.
A. can't be
B. can't
C. can
[48] 'Demonstrate' means ______. 
A. demolish 
B. sell
C. show
[49] You needn't ________ home so early. Food is not ready.
A. have came
B. have come
C. has came
[50] 'Represent' means _______. 
A. reset 
B. expect
C. be a symbol for

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