Form III & IV English Language Use Revision Questions – Part 1

Form III & IV English Language Use Revision Questions – Part 1

1.     The following sentences are jumbled. Rearrange them in a logical sequence to make a meaningful paragraph by writing the corresponding letters in the answer sheet(s) provided. (@03 mark per item)

(i)               My fellow children called me ‘Messi’ although I didn’t match my namesake. 

(ii)             Before I begin my speech, let me tell you my story.

(iii)          Today I am a famous footballer but not like ‘Messi’.

(iv)           Ladies and gentlemen, this day is very special to me.

(v)             When I was young I used to play street football.

2.     Write a letter to the editor complaining about the challenges of bad roads in your area.

3.     Write a story of not less than 200 words with the title; “Life is nothing but full of problems”.Write the letter to the KATAVI NATIONAL PARK MANAGER, P.O.BOX 222KATAVI, applying for the Tour Guide Post. Your name is JOB SEEKER.

4.     Modern science and technology have to a great extent affected the lives of people particularly the young men and women in Tanzania. Write one paragraph on the statement to oppose or propose that idea.

5.     Girls who are made pregnant have been losing their chances to pursue secondary education. Write a composition of about 150 words to convince the ministry of education, science technology and vocation to allow pregnant girls to resume studies after delivery.

6.     Imagine that you have graduated Form six at a certain High School in 2015 and you live at Camelot village P.O.BOX 354 Tanganyika. You have seen an advertisement on the East African Standard Daily News on 3rd April 2016 for the clerical post in the branch of the United Bank of Africa. Write an application letter to the manager of the United Bank of Africa, P.O.BOX 98 Nairobi for employment as Bank Clerk. Use fictitious name as Vitunguu Swaumu.

7.     Write a letter to your parents explaining how you are progressing with your studies. Use your non-fictitious names.


8.     Re-arrange the following sentences into a logical sequence to make a meaningful paragraph by writing the corresponding letter in the answer sheet provided.

(i)               When we got the dog home, father told us to stay outside and that we were not allowed to play with it.

(ii)             My father was very disappointed.

(iii)          A few years ago my father decided that we needed a dog to protect our house against thieves.

(iv)           Soon, however, it became clear that the dog only liked to sleep at night and play all day.

(v)             He went to the house of an old woman who had several dogs and choose a black dog which has almost as big as mine.

9.     Answer only two (02) questions from the four alternatives given to you A, B, C and D.

A. Write a composition on the topic ‘’Corruption is engineering Tanzanian under –development’’ (Not more than 300 words)

B. You have been asked to take part in a debate on the motion, ‘’ Condoms have accelerated HIV/AIDS transmission.’’ Argue for or against the motion in not less five (05) points.

C. In not less than 300 words discuss the disadvantages of early marriage.

D. Write a letter to the minister of education and Vocational Training of the United Republic of Tanzania, P.O. Box 637, Mpanda explaining the problems facing Education in Tanzania and suggest the solution to the problems.

10. Re­arrange the following sentences in a logical sequence to make a meaningful paragraph by writing the corresponding letter in your answer sheet (s)

(A) On our way to the airport, we reached a point where there was a heavy traffic jam which stranded us for two hours.

(B) When we made a call home, we were told that he was taking a bath at home so we decided to go back.

(C) I was so disappointed to arrive at the airport late because we did not find him.

(D) I was told to go to the airport with my sister around 12:30 noon as he was expected to arrive at 01:00 pm

(E)It was Sunday morning when I heard the news about the coming of my brother from London

11. Imagine that you have graduated your form IV education and you have qualified in keeping records. Write a letter to the Head of the school of Nkuswe secondary applying for the post. Your letter must be signed by the head of the school of Sibwesa secondary. Use your fictitious name. 

12. In not less than 120 words write an argumentative essay on the use of Kiswahili as a medium of instruction in Tanzanian secondary schools.

14. Support or oppose the motion "Trafficking of girls from rural to urban areas to be employed as House girls should be stopped".

15. Write a letter to the General Manager, TABORA Posho Millers, P. O. Box 44, TABORA and apply for the post of an Accountant as it was advertised in the Sunday News of 21st April 2017. Sign your name Nimechelewa Kusoma. Your address is P. O. Box 33, Kamficheni.

16. ‎Imagine that you are a Minister of Home Affairs. Prepare a speech of not more than 250 words giving eight points on the causes of road accidents.

17. ‎Write an essay of not more than 250 words on the most important things to consider in making the environment beautiful by giving eight points.

18. Re-arrange the following sentences in logical sequences to make meaningful paragraphs by writing the letter on the answer sheet(s) provided.

(A)                       Then it landed about ten meters from us with differing sounds.

(B)                        Before we could guess what was happening to the police.

(C)                        A helicopter was heard from far.

(D)                       Then we saw it moving in our directions.

(E)It distracted everybody attention.

19. Choose two topics from the given alternatives.

(A)           Write an argumentative essay for the motion “Which language between English and Kiswahili language should be used as a medium of instruction in Secondary Schools”.

(B)            Write a letter to the editor of the Daily News Paper on Poor Infrastructures of your school. Sign your name as Mpodyo Kashua and your address is P.O.Box 30, MPANDA.

(C)            Write Curriculum Vitae to be attached in the application letter with the imagination that you are the Form Six Leaver.

(D)           Write a story about any event you witnessed in your life experience. Not less than 150 words. 




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